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   Sound Insulation

Quiet Comfort
A quiet home, apartment, condo, office or hotel room, is relaxing and serene - with a peaceful aura of quality and solitude. Property Managers realize that unwanted noise affects comfort, concentration, and behavior and may be an unknown cause of high tenant turnover. That is why it is crucial to insulate the ceilings, walls, and floors with a material that effectively controls sound in buildings generating these types of complaints and symptoms. The Hotel/Motel industry and multi-family housing owners especially benefit from the superior sound control properties of cellulose insulation by providing sound controlled living environments that can be used to attract new tenants or help keep the old ones.

If you have properties in a high noise area, we can help. If you have tenants complaining of noise from the street or from other tenants, we can help. Odors are also a problem at times. A cigarette smoker in one apartment can contaminate other adjoining apartments and generate complaints and even lawsuits — sound insulation also provides a stop to odor and smoke traveling between units. Sound and odors travel the same paths through a wall.

We Put Them To The Test!
The best way to determine effectiveness is to conduct reliable, scientific tests. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a laboratory measurement used to study the resistance of a wall, ceiling, or floor to the passage of sound. The higher the STC number, the more sound is deadened. The table below gives examples of STC ratings.

Ideal For Multifamily & Commercial Use.
In situations where sound control is even more critical, Cellulose has proven extremely effective in thousands of applications. In the Hotel/Motel industry, physical plants with on-site offices and apartment and town home or condominium complexes. In addition to excellent sound control, cellulose dramatically reduces operating costs by reducing energy usage and utility costs.

STC Rating Description of Performance


Loud speech understood fairly well - Loud speech audible but unintelligible

Loud speech audible as a murmur - Must strain to hear loud speech
Some loud speech barely audible - Loud speech not audible

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