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We listen and hear what you want to accomplish by calling us. We are experienced enough to know that each property is different and each property owner's goals are unique. We don't want to just insulate a building for you. We want to develop a relationship that will be beneficial to both our companies for decades to come. We appreciate the opportunity to work with professionals who understand the importance of relationship building for long term benefits to all parties concerned.

Commercial Thermal Solutions is a company made of people who care. When we are performing our pre-inspections and installations of your properties, we are looking for any potential structural or design problems that may cause you headaches and could cost you money in the future. We will submit to you any potential problems we discover during the course of our labors so you will be aware of them and can take appropriate action if indicated.


Services & Specialties

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Our most popular service is blown-in attic insulation. This is the service we offer that has the highest cost/benefit ratio and the fastest payback period. We use the latest equipment and a professionally trained, uniformed work force to make the installation timely, efficient and the results measurable in the next month's utility bills. This is one service that shows immediate results and is a highly recommended improvement.


Are your tenants complaining about sound and odors traveling from unit to unit? We can help. Sound control in multi-family housing structures requires a solid knowledge of building sciences on the part of the company you choose to utilize. Many times, simple solutions can produce a lot of result. We would be happy to analyze your properties and suggest the best product and application to produce the best results for you and your tenants at the best possible price and return on investment. Noisy units have a higher turnover rate, as do units with exorbitant heating and cooling costs.


Do you have properties with firewall and fire code issues? We can help. We have fireproofing products that can be retrofitted into a wall to secure compliance with building codes a lot less expensively than rebuilding the walls. We interface very well with the building inspector's offices and offer cost effective alternatives to mandated sprinkler systems and whole wall replacement. 

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Call 800.350.3532 to schedule your preliminary property inspection. A principle in our company will be onsite. We appreciate a principle in your company being at the site as scheduled. 


This is where we like to get to know each other and begin to develop a relationship that is mutually supportive and long term. If you own properties, you are going to have improvements that need to be made and instances that require our services. 


We would like to be your preferred vendor for the thermal, fireproofing and soundproofing needs of all your properties. We offer competitive pricing, caring service and the added value of being another set of eyes for you. In the course of our work, we have discovered leaky pipes, fire hazards and mold. We will notify you promptly of any irregularities we discover.


If you are interested in our services, or would like a call or meeting with a principle in our company to begin a dialogue or the prioritizing of your properties to be serviced according to budgeting requirements, please fill out the call back form or

Call 800.350.3532 - Have a well-insulated day!


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